About Competition

What is the India Automation Challenge?

The India Automation Challenge is a competition that challenges engineering students to design, develop and present an innovative real-time automation project. The competition is open to students from all engineering disciplines, and the projects can be in any area of automation, such as robotics, control systems, or industrial automation.

Why Participate?

Participating in the India Automation Challenge provides students with a unique opportunity to:

  • Showcase their skills in automation to industry professionals and potential employers
  • Learn from industry experts and network with other engineering students
  • Win cash prizes and recognition for their innovative project
  • The winners will get to showcase their projects during India's premium exhibition on Industrial Automation

The India Automation Challenge is a competition that challenges engineering students to design, develop and present an innovative real-time automation project. The competition is open to students from all engineering disciplines, and the projects can be in any area of automation, such as robotics, control systems, or industrial automation.

How to Participate?

To participate in the India Automation Challenge, students must register by January 31st, 2024 We look forward to seeing you at the Industrial Automation Magazine's "India Automation Challenge"

Rules and Regulation

Who can register?

This contest is open for all engineering students across the world who are in their final & pre-final year of UG/PG program. Students from instrumentation, automation, robotics and mechatronics discipline may participate.

How can I register?

Kindly scan below QR Code for Registration.

What is the registration fee?

Registration is 600/- Rs per group till 31st December 2023. Each group consists of maximum three student members.

Registration Fee is 1000/- per group from 01st January 2024. Last Date of Registration is 31st January 2024.

How to pay registration fees?

Kindly scan below QR Code for Registration Payment.

After successful payment, kindly upload the payment acknowledgment to complete the registration process.

What is expected from the participants?

After the online registration by students, fundamentally, innovative/novel ideas in the field of automation & robotics are the core focus of our competition. So, once students registration are successfully completed, the innovative ideas must be implemented in the following stages by qualified participants.

Stage 1: Concept/Idea submission for automation challenges
Stage 2: Technical paper presentation (held online).
Stage 3: POC demonstration (held online).
Stage 4: Finale Presentation [In person at Automation Expo 24 Mumbai]

What should the team size and the team configuration be?

You can participate either as an individual (1 member) or as a team (maximum team size: 3 members).

What will happen in Stage 1: Concept/Idea Submission?

You can submit your idea/concept during registration.
PLEASE NOTE: At this stage of the competition, you are not required to build a prototype/POC (proof of concept).

According to which criteria's will idea be judged?

Your idea will be judged on the following criteria, in order of importance:

  • Innovation/novel ideas
  • Social Impact
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Completeness of prototype/POC
How will the submitted Ideas/Concepts be selected for Stage 2 : Technical Paper Presentation?

The organizer, assisted by independent external experts (Academic + Industry), will evaluate, filter, and select the best ideas/abstracts/concepts according to above-mentioned criteria, which will be nominated/ promoted for the next rounds.

How will I know if my idea/Concept is accepted?

The Organiser will send an e-mail to your registered email ID which mentions your idea/concept being selected to next stage/rounds.

How do I proceed if my idea/concept is selected for Stage 2 : Technical Paper Presentation?

Once your idea/solution gets shortlisted for stage 2, you can start working towards the full Technical paper presentation of the idea/concept.

How do the presentation happen for Stage 2 : Technical Paper Presentation?

Presentation will be held online through Microsoft Teams/Zoom, shortlisted teams would be presenting the idea/concept in-detail to panel of judges.

What will happen in Stage 3: POC?

In Stage 3, participants need to prepare a prototype/POC to show how their idea/concept could be executed in reality and submit short description and demo video (~ 3 minutes) to show the working of their prototype.

What is a prototype/POC?

The required prototype/POC (Proof of Concept) is per definition a sample for evaluating the functionality and importance of your idea/concept. It should be a working model to showcase the innovation you are claiming.

What is accepted as a prototype?

The following formats for building a prototype are accepted:

  • Software - if it is a algorithm as the final output
  • Simulation/ Model
  • Hardware
  • Implemented on hardware
How will I know that I'm invited to the finale presentation?

The Organiser will send you an e-mail to your registered email ID with further information regarding the finale presentation.

What if my concept/idea is very complex and cannot be restricted to only 300 words?

Idea/Concept cannot exceed 300 words. Please do not go into extreme details of the concept. Those can be shared in the future rounds (full technical presentation), if selected. One of the criteria for selection of concept/idea/abstract is preciseness. Restricting to 300 words is even better.

What if I need to include figures in my idea/concept for clarity?

You can attach images in jpeg and png format upto 1MB.

Is there a format for Technical presentations/POC (similar to the one for concept/idea submission)?

Yes. Will be provided after selection of concept/idea round.

What should we do to avoid IP infringement? IMPORTANT GUIDELINES TO BE OBSERVED :

  • Don't indiscriminately copy material from the web/internet or any other source.
  • If you have to refer some prior published content, then do recognize its source and ensure that you do not copy more than 10% of the published work. However, quotes may be reproduced completely with the person's name.
  • Don't create your concept/idea just by copying content from different sources.
  • Ideally develop concept based on the intellect generated from your idea.
  • If we found any concept/idea/abstract during plagiarism check/Report. It would be disqualified.
What is the role of the faculty in this event?

Faculty can only mentor the participants of the India Automation Challenge event. Not allowed to be a part during presentation rounds.

What is in it for the faculty?

Faculty will be rewarded in the form of certificate for their participation (guiding the participants), if their team presents in the POC demonstration round.

Can a faculty submit their idea in India Automation Challenge event?

No, A faculty cannot submit their ideas/concept in the India Automation Challenge event, however they can mentor/guide the participants and also support/help to enhance the same.

More than one faculty is allowed to mentor the same team?

No, not more than a single faculty can mentor the same team registered for India Automation Challenge. However students can get offline support from other faculties. Please note, only one faculty nominated by the participating student [Team] during registration will be rewarded with Certificate.

Faculty can mentor two different teams?

Yes, if required faculty can mentor different teams.

Can a non institutional member act as a faculty?

No, a person who is not part of the institution cannot act as a faculty. However students can get offline support from faculties of other institutes.

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