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India Narrative

India Narrative is a news portal, committed to the principles of individual liberty, free speech, limited government, and market economy.

Our principles define our perspective, which can be simply described as: anything that enhances freedom, restricts unwarranted state intervention, and/or strengthens the invisible hand of markets is good. We do not support or oppose any government or party: we support those who uphold freedom and slam those who undermine it.

This may sometimes make our views unconventional, but then we are beholden to freedom, not to the accepted canons of received wisdom. In fact, we challenge and question various ideas and doctrines whose veracity is unthinkingly accepted rather than critically examined. For instance, big business is assumed to be working against public interest. Capitalists, we are taught in schools and colleges, are heartless crooks who exploit the proletariat, corrupt politicians, and cheat consumers. Big corporations, we are told, are rapacious profit-seekers, with no concern for the poor and the environment.

We will scrutinize such ideas, many of which are dangerous and have done considerable harm to India and the world. Worse, these ideas continue to generate theologies that harm all of us. We counter these with our narrative, which is oriented around liberty. Our narrative. India Narrative.

The news portal is run by a team of senior journalists, who have decades of working experience in the mainstream media.

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