Operator Interface Handheld HMI, HG1P Series

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The HG1P series of operator interface handheld models feature an ergonomic design, making them comfortable for use.A unique handheld HMIA unique handheld HMI with added features like a hardwired E-stop button, selector switch and enabling switch help...

Safety Laser Scanner

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Up to four SE2L can be connected together which is ideal for detection of four sides on AGVs.IDEC SE2L Safety Laser ScannerIDEC SE2L Safety Laser Scanner is the smallest in the world but outperforming many competitions. Features include 270 degree se...

Switches EU2B Series

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IDEC Corporation, has introduced Switches EU2B Series.30mm EU2B safety devices are fully sealed to prevent the release of enough electrical energy to ignite explosive gases or vapors into the environment, providing increased safety for applications i...