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Product Exclusive: Programmable Industrial Controller for the Edge

industrialautomationindia.in > News > Product Exclusive: Programmable Industrial Controller for the Edge

One of the primary appeals of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the promise that existing data-rich devices can be connected for greater data analysis and insight. To date, however, this promise of integration has not been so easy to achiev...

Cyber Security in the Industrial Automation could be into jeopardy

industrialautomationindia.in > Cyber security > Cyber Security in the Industrial Automation could be into jeopardy

Every second, every hour, every day and every month security researchers around the world discover hundreds & thousands of new worms and viruses attacking the world’s computer systems. Usually, few in supervisory control and data acquisitio...

Schneider Electric - Minder Pro

industrialautomationindia.in > Products > Schneider Electric - Minder Pro

The 5302CU series of Premise Automation Controllers are intelligent units for management of residential and commercial buildings with applications in energy efficiency, security, lighting control and event scheduling. The controller features a powerf...

Fire Safe - Digital Lock

industrialautomationindia.in > Products > Fire Safe - Digital Lock

 Digital Lock. It has a programmable digital lock. You can program in a three- to eight-digit passcode. There’s also a lighted LED that displays the date and time. Being a fire safe, it protects against fires and carries a one-hour fire ra...

CompactRIO Systems

industrialautomationindia.in > Products > CompactRIO Systems

What Is CompactRIO?   In a CompactRIO system, a controller with a processor and user-programmable FPGA is populated with one or more conditioned I/O modules from NI or third-party vendors. These modules provide direct sensor connectivity and s...


industrialautomationindia.in > Products > POWERFLUX 4030

The POWERFLUX 4030 is an electromagnetic flowmeter specifically designed for safety and non-safety applications with electrically conductive liquids in radiation areas. The flowmeter comes with chemically resistant PFA or ETFE liner materials.  ...

Timers & Switches

industrialautomationindia.in > Products > Timers & Switches

The Show Preview presents glimpses of the automation products, devices, software and technologies that would be on display at the Automation Expo 2018 (August 29-September 01, 2018 – BCEC, Goregaon, Mumbai).   Electronic Relays India Pvt...

MD500 Open & Close Loop, Three Phase 400V, 18.5 to 450kW

industrialautomationindia.in > Products > MD500 Open & Close Loop, Three Phase 400V, 18.5 to 450kW

Features: Open loop V/f & SVC control Closed loop FVC control Starting torque   150% at 0.25Hz for SVC 180% at 0Hz for FVC Communication: Modbus-RTU CANlink Profibus-DP Gateway CANopen Automatic torque boost Slip c...

Process Controller TC-303-series

industrialautomationindia.in > Products > Process Controller TC-303-series

Salient Features:-   • Automatic cold junction compensation for thermocouples. • Automatic wire length compensation for long wire RTD inputs. • High accuracy 0.25%, with software linearization. • Easy on-line field calib...

Differential Temperature Controller

industrialautomationindia.in > Products > Differential Temperature Controller

Normal temperature controller acts on one single input and tries and maintain that temperature at a pre programmed constant level. A Differential Temperature Controller as the name suggests takes two temperature inputs and tries to maintain the diffe...