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Security of PLCs

industrialautomationindia.in > News > Security of PLCs

PLCs (programmable logic controllers) were first introduced to the world in the late 1960s. Designed to replace relay-based machine control systems specifically in the U.S. manufacturing space, they initially left quite a positive impression on the s...

Safety Solutions to Prevent Unexpected Start-Up

industrialautomationindia.in > Articles > Safety Solutions to Prevent Unexpected Start-Up

Companies repeatedly have to contend with serious, even fatal, accidents caused by the unexpected or unseen start-up of complex machinery and systems. The safety switch AZM201D with a double safety functionRisks due to the unexpected start-up or...

Automation Sensor Basics: A Crash Course in Sensor Technologies

industrialautomationindia.in > Articles > Automation Sensor Basics: A Crash Course in Sensor Technologies

Knowing the basics of how sensors work and what to choose will help you be a more informed and valuable member of the automation team, says Will Healy III.A machine and the human bodyFor those new to factory automation, the sheer number of technologi...

The Many Avatars of Automation

industrialautomationindia.in > Articles > The Many Avatars of Automation

Sreeja Gadhiraju presents an overview of the different types of automation in the modern world.The Automation PyramidProcess Automation!Your alarm has been set to 6 AM, have a good night!Lights off, door lock, navigation to work!Though it feels like ...

Legacy System Migration to Advanced Digital System

industrialautomationindia.in > Articles > Legacy System Migration to Advanced Digital System

Jasbir Singh elaborates on the process of migration from legacy systems to advanced digital configuration.3-step model business transformationModifications in the process line or control system in manufacturing setup always require greater ...

High Performance Drive TOSVERT

industrialautomationindia.in > Products > High Performance Drive TOSVERT

Features Built-in Ethernet Real Time Clock Web Server QR Code® Video Guidance Remote Sensor Monitoring Environment free design Safety design meets IEC standard Built-in Position control Four Built-in PID functions Built-in Pump contr...

The Alpha Class

industrialautomationindia.in > Products > The Alpha Class

Features Integrated analog processing Simple programming style Relay and Transistor output options Analog input and output options High-speed counters up to 1 kHz Language support for 7 different languages Display a...

Multi-function Book type TOSVERT VF-MB1

industrialautomationindia.in > Products > Multi-function Book type TOSVERT VF-MB1

Capacity range   1 phase 240V-0.2~2.2kW 3 phase 500V-0.4~15kW   Features   1. Side-by-side installation 2.Slim design 3.Flat Mounting installation 4.Simple panel 5.Communication 6.Dual rating (CT/VT) 7.Induction motor a...


industrialautomationindia.in > Products > Sensor

We have a wide range of high performance sensor that provides solution to many industrial detection problems. The most commonly used proximity sensor is the inductive type, which generates an electromagnetic field to sense metal objects passing close...

Relay Module- NA-20081FBH

industrialautomationindia.in > Products > Relay Module- NA-20081FBH

Relay logic module 8ch, 1C/O contact, 24V DC coil with Omron make G2R1 series relays & pluggable socket, with fuse & fuse blown indication on o/p side, with din rail mounting type.   Contact: nandi Powertronics Pvt Ltd.   M...