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Ascent Intellimation

Ascent Intellimation Pvt. Ltd. (AIPL) is a leading solution provider of Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions. AIPL has created an Edge to Cloud IIoT platform PlantConnect® to acquire, monitor, visualize, and analyze data of industrial assets and systems. PlantConnect is hardware agnostic and provides several options for connectivity.

The following solutions are currently offered on the PlantConnect platform to address specific business needs/verticals. These solutions are successfully deployed in over 1000 installations across India and abroad.

  1. PlantConnect® SFactory – Smart factory / Industry 4.0 solution for manufacturing companies. Focus areas – performance KPIs, shop floor workflow, condition monitoring, manufacturing analytics, prescriptive maintenance, and energy management
  2. PlantConnect® RAMS – Remote Asset Monitoring Solution for OEMs / maintenance agencies/equipment rental companies/utility companies
  3. EnviroConnect® - Environment Data Monitoring System for stack emissions, ambient air quality, water quality, and effluent monitoring. Compliant with CPCB guidelines
  4. PlantConnect® Insights - Real-time data management, historian, and reporting framework for process plants. Ready solution for Dairy Plants.
  5. Custom Solution - PlantConnect is robust and flexible to tune to any business case 
  6. DATCon - Edge Gateway of PlantConnect. Can be integrated with 3rd party IIoT platforms

Contact us to discuss specific case studies and your business requirements. 

  • Company Type : private limited
  • Status : Verified
  • Category : Technology provider
  • Sector : IoT & IIoT
  • GST : Registered
  • Established : 15-05-2000
  • Website :
  • Contact Person : Vinita Lele
  • Designation : Manager
  • Address : Office No. 401 - 404, C3 / Saudamini Commercial Complex, Right Bhusari Colony, Paud Road, Kothrud
  • City : Pune
  • State : Maharashtra
  • Pincode : 411038
  • Country : India