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DreamSoft's niche technical expertise in terms of Designing to Development to Implementation is in the field of Industrial Automation Software Development. We have a unique combination of understanding the process of development as well as the Device Interface aspect in the Industrial Automation Field. If you are an OEM of Devices which can communicate over specific Protocols like Serial, TCP/IP, ASCII etc. or you have imported Devices for which you want to develop Data Logging, Data Writing, Data Analysis Software then we have that expertise to do that. We study the Protocol over which the Devices can communicate and accordingly we do various functions in our Software. We have in depth understanding in Pharma Industry in developing software which will be Pharma Part 21 CFR Compliant which is the norm of the Pharma Industry. Our Software is often validated by third party for testing an certifications. Device Interface is just one step, from there, we have mastered ourselves in other areas of Industrial Automation Software Development like: PC Based Data Logging Applications, Web Based Data Logging Applications, OPC Interface Applications, Customized Device Interface Applications, Bridging & Reporting Applications, Intelligent Building Management Systems (IBMS), SMS / Email Applications, Dongle Integration, Project Design etc.

We have worked with Equipment Manufacturers, Automation Project Companies, Project Consultants and Corporates in such Application Development. We have not only the development capability of Desktop Based Applications but can make Web Enabled Applications allowing you to have a complete Web Based Interface in Automation Project. We are experts in Reporting and Bridging Applications where there can be multiple types of inputs like PLC, OPC, Database, Serial Port, TCP/IP, xls file system, csv file system, FTP, Device etc. and having our Application as a Bridge, we can compute and work on data and convert/send them to other type of outputs; again like anyone of the names mentioned in inputs. Such complex bridge applications are required in Complex Industrial Processes. Again by using any of the Inputs like PLC, OPC, Database, Serial Port, TCP/IP, xls file system, csv file system, FTP, Device etc we can compute/work out on the data received and save them in our database and generate various types of Analysis Reports on the same.

We have worked on Projects and Complex Applications in countries like USA, Far East (Vietnam, Singapore etc.) and India. In Far East countries we have worked and mastered our understanding of OPC which is a Software Interface Standard that allows Windows Programs to communicate with Industrial Hardware Devices. OPC is implemented in server/client pairs. The OPC server is a software program that converts the hardware communication protocol used by a PLC into the OPC protocol. The OPC client software is any program that needs to connect to the hardware, such as an HMI. The OPC client uses the OPC server to get data from or send commands to the hardware. We have worked extensively on OPC Interfaces in Projects.

With such vast experience in the fields of Industrial Automation Software Development, we are now in a position to design the complete end to end System for the Client including suggesting them which hardware to use for the betterment of the results and output of the Project.

Apart from our own technical expertise, we have dedicated team of Programmers who are well versed with the technologies in these fields and can develop complex software and applications and also can support client on site and understand their issues in dealing with problems.

This section will take you through an interesting modules of Industrial Automation Software Development.

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