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Our reader profile is a vast pool of automation enthusiasts who want to be constantly in touch with industry through information like products, case studies, industry trends, interviews and news and updates as it happens around the globe.

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Presidents, Vice Presidents, Maintenance Managers, Manufacturers, Project Managers, Maintenance Engineers, Operations Personnel, Cloud Computing specialists, Traders, Chief Engineers, R&D Manager, Maintenance Personnel, Managing Directors, Plant Managers, Business Managers, Technical Directors, Operations Managers, System Integrators, OEM's, Design Engineers, Marketing Managers, Software Engineers

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R&D Lab, Electricity Boards, Defence, Space, Power Plants, Testing Centers, Railways, Solar energy, Atomic Energy, BARC, Engineering colleges, Technical universities, automation institutes, industry forums, Associations, Advisory groups, Events, Private technical institutes, Industry Training centers, Startup zones, Launchpads

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Oil & Gas - Upstream, Midstream & Downstream, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Dyes, Iron & Steel, Metal Industry, Plastics, Rubber, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Refineries, Cement, Glass, Paper, Automobiles, Printing Packing & Paper Mills, Food Process, OEMs, Engineering Goods, White Goods, Consulting, Energy (Wind, Thermal, Nuclear, Solar), Communication Systems, Electronics & Electricals, Machine Tool Manufacturers, Communication Systems

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