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Automation Expo South 2023

IED Communications Ltd the organizers of Automation Expo is the biggest expo for the entire South-East Asian Region for showcasing the latest innovations and providing opportunities galore to network with the best technical minds in the industry is now in Chennai for 1st Time from 26th April to 28th April 2023.

Automation Expo South 2023 will be organized in Chennai Trade Center Hall No 2 & 3 which will mainly focus on Process Automation & Control, Factory Automation, Industrial Automation, Field Instrumentation, Turnkey solutions, Control rooms, IIOT , Robotics, Electric automation , Cyber Security , Warehouse Automation , Industrie 4.0 , Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Interoperability Technologies Building Automation and Valves and Valve Automation.

Automation Expo south is supported by our Board Governors. Our Board of Governors are stalwarts in the field of Instrumentation and Automation with rich experience in their industry being awarded several accolades from International and National Institutions.

Their expertise and experience in their respective fields have been instrumental in driving the businesses of our partners to success. Chennai is the home town from where leading Instrumentation & Automation engineers brought up ( from the premium Institution) and working across India . Hence Chennai was the right choice to hold the southern edition of Automation Expo.

Automation Expo being a global Automation extravaganza attracts audiences from around the globe. And every audience visiting Automation Expo is a guest and we believe that every guest attending Automation Expo deserves to be served wholeheartedly.

Automation and Digitalization are no longer buzzwords but the need of the hour. Southern India has been at the forefront of using new technologies and updating and upgrading. Industries in Southern India Automobile Belt in Oragudam Foundries and valve manufacturers in Coimbatore Textile belt in Tirupur and Coimbatore Machine Tools and food processing industry in Karnataka. Many industries have their manufacturing base in south India Major system integrators and consultants are in Chennai Automobiles and auto components industry, mines and minerals, and the pharma hubs in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. A large number of Robotic installations in Kerala Service and IT sector in Kerala. The famous Engineering Institutions around Chennai starting as MIT, IIT, VIT, etc besides the new Autonomous colleges contributed towards the growth of Industries and vice versa during the last 30 years.

Why is Chennai a good place to hold the southern edition of the Automation Expo?

The above situation of Chennai and in general Tamil Nadu definitely has a need to have large exhibitions like Automation Exhibition to be established there to provide the required platform for the Instrumentation & Automation fraternity to interact with each other more closely and at the same time deeply on Innovations and its future in lieu of Technological / Environmental changes happening in the world. Proximity to Chennai from Coimbatore, Salem, Trichy, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Telangana.

We assist all our guests right from travel and stay to helping them design their stalls, we make sure we leave no stone unturned. Any person visiting Automation Expo should feel valued and treated with respect because they deserve the best.